WendRite from WendGreen Floors … Sustainable, Seamless, Poured Wood Floors

WendRite from WendGreen Floors

Walking on a WendRite floor is like walking on air…
the high wood content means its soft on the feet…
a boon to retailers who want to keep shoppers in their stores longer.

A WendRite floor meets all the requirements to
qualify as a green product.

When all is taken into account… longevity, ease of maintenance,
easily repairable seamlessly, competitively priced installations…
choosing WendRite from WendGreen Floors is the
smart economical choice.

All photos on this page reproduced  from Creative Spaces publication

A WendRite floor:

  • Is ideal for commercial, retail & high-end residential properties Less expensive than Terrazzo
  •  Is installed by trained professionals
  • Lets you choose from an endless variety of textures, colours, inlays and more
  • Comes with the experience of more than 50 years of installing poured floors.

Discover what flooring beauty and comfort are all about,
with WendRite Floors from WendGreen Floors!

They’re Beautiful, Seamless, Durable and Sustainable.

Doug Wendler, with 50 years of flooring experience and an expert
on flooring recognized worldwide, invented this amazingly resilient
and beautiful flooring that’s 80 % composed of wood.


A WendRite floor from WendGreen Floors is seamless and meets up perfectly with walls and objects

The perfect flooring for the modern or traditional home

  • WendRite stairs are the right match for WendGreen Floors
  • Beautiful in any room
  • Our floors can take punishing loads with ease

Contact us for more information at wendler@wendgreenfloors.com.

WendRite from WendGreen Floors is ideal for commercial, retail & high-end residential properties, offering many textures, colours, ease of maintenance,